Heating Exchangers

Two Corrocoat employees working together inspecting a power station’s heat exchanger

To increase the longevity and efficiency of heat exchangers, the application of a glass flake-based coating by Corrocoat can significantly benefit heat exchanger systems. Occurrences of heat exchanger fouling can occur in heat exchange systems, and our specially formulated heating exchange products work to reduce this issue. The team at Corrocoat can repair and coat heat exchangers both on-site and in our fully equipped workshop.

How does a heat exchanger work?

A heat exchanger system works to cool heated fluid by passing it through another, cooler fluid. However, these fluids do not come into direct contact. This allows for heat transfer without the fluids needing to mix together.

This aids in improving the energy efficiency of the systems by transferring heat away from systems that do not require it, to systems where it can be used usefully. This process ensures your system does not waste heat energy.

Common types of heat exchangers include both shell and tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers for a variety of applications and heat transfer solutions. Generally, there are a number of configurations of fluid flows, when inside the heat exchanger system, including parallel flow (same direction), counter flow, and cross flow.

Restoring heat exchangers.

It is important to maintain the level to which heat exchangers operate. If damage has occurred within your heating exchange system, it can easily be returned to its original working condition with Corrocoat’s anti-corrosion coatings. Our coatings not only repair your heat exchange unit, but also work to prevent future corrosion, increase temperature resistance, and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

Before and after Corrocoat applications on a heat exchanger’s tube sheet

Inspection services.

Corrocoat offers inspection services in-line with our rigorous inspection procedures. All of our coating inspectors follow a thorough quality assurance checklist This ensures that our quality coating products have been applied in a way that ensures long-term corrosion protection.

A Corrocoat employee performing an inspection on a heat exchanger tube sheet


Corrocoat’s on-site service includes:

  • End-to-end reporting and project management to ensure a high-quality finish
  • Flexibility of on-site operations with mobile facility and a fully equipped team
  • An established contract division managing services
  • Application by highly skilled professionals
  • Grit blasting and surface preparation
  • Thorough technical support

Our Other Services.

Although our range of Corrocoat products is extensive, we go further than just offering a product solution. We also offer inspections, cleaning, repair, refurbishment, and support, to help find the answer to your resurfacing problems.

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Our onsite and offsite blasting service means we can clean and recoat your infrastructure quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing downtime.

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Coating application

We offer a range of corrosion protection coatings to safeguard infrastructure surfaces from a multitude of factors, including chemicals and abrasion.

icon for pump services

Pump repair

If your pump requires repair, refurbishment, recoating, or improved efficiency, Corrocoat offers a premium pump repair service.

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Coating inspections

Corrocoat offers coating inspection services in-line with our rigorous procedures. All our inspectors follow a thorough quality assurance checklist. This ensures our quality coating products have been applied to guarantee long-term protection.

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Corrosion Engineering

Corrocoat’s engineering service provides comprehensive repair and reconditioning of pumps, valves, and ancillary components to improve the function and protection of your infrastructure.

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Composite Structural Rehabilitation System (CSR System)

Our CSR System is used extensively across many industries to refurbish and strengthen structural steel rather than replacing it.

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We have the unique ability to refurbish valves to your requirements. This includes both the specifications of the valve and the flange.

Long-Term Corrosion Protection

Our Corrocoat products offer long-term corrosion protection for infrastructure exposed to abrasive, corrosive, and harsh environments.
Quality ISO 9001 Certified

Quality assurance certificate.

All our products are applied within stringent standards, and everything we coat with our Corrocoat product range is returned with a quality assurance certificate.

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