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A Global Company.

Made by us. Applied by us. Guaranteed by us.

At Corrocoat we have established ourselves within the polymer coating industry as a company with a unique combination of mechanical and chemical engineering expertise.

Corrocoat’s engineering research and development gives us a distinctive edge in the formulation and application of our range of coating materials.

Design, Manufacturing, and Application.

Corrocoat is a multi-national organisation with locations in over 30 countries. Our global network allows us to draw on technical support from Corrocoat’s UK research and development laboratories.

The benefit of working alongside Corrocoat is that we provide you with an end-to-end solution. This includes refurbishing valves, coating systems, and the application of these systems.

Our ability to provide such comprehensive service allows us to offer prompt results and deliver a solution to your business to minimise the downtime of crucial infrastructure.

Expertise and Quality.

Corrocoat has become the largest and highest quality glass flake producer globally. This is largely due to our research, development, and extensive expertise within the field over the past 30 years. We continue to develop products that lead the field in surface protection and corrosion resistance.

The glass flake fillers we use are unique in their ability to form what is called a ‘tortuous path’. This path is created by the glass flakes orienting themselves in line with one another. This reduces the passage of moisture vapour, making the surface impermeable.

A large metal tank that has been protected by Corrocoat and will last a long time

Features and Benefits.

Cost-effective solutions

Corrocoat’s range of products provide a fast and cost-effective solution for the repair and protection of many surface types. In most cases, our coatings remove the need for costly metallurgical services.

Expert team

Our experienced team of chemical and mechanical engineers are on hand to assist in finding a valuable and reliable solution to your surface protection issues.

Continuous development

Equipped with state-of-the-art testing and analytical equipment, our research and development division in the UK is constantly finding new methods to combat corrosion across many industries.

Superior quality

Corrocoat has continued to improve the quality of our products to create a superior grade of industrial coating. Our products have been created so they are an easily applied solution.

Rapid curing

Corrocoat’s products have been formulated to rapidly cure, which decreases the application process considerably. These decreased curing periods give benefits in both cost reduction and time efficiency.

On and off-site application

Our coating application team based in Canning Vale offers on-site and off-site application, dependent on your needs. Our service is cost-effective in comparison to hiring a full-time, on-site team.

Quality assurance

Everything we do at Corrocoat is performed in line with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Adopting industry best practice, everything we do, from products to application systems, are of the highest possible quality and Australian Standards compliant.

Guaranteed warranty

We are so confident in our products and our application service that we offer a material and labour warranty on every single coating our specialist applicators apply.

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Head Office

Address: 21 Sorbonne Crescent, Canning Vale WA

Postal: PO Box 1423, Canning Vale WA 6970