Fluiglide: our friction-reducing range of protective coatings.

Fluiglide is a specialised range of Corrocoat products that offer friction-reducing properties. They are typically applied on areas that are underwater and require energy-efficient surfaces. For example, power generation cooling systems and water and waste treatment plants. Fluiglide is also effective in preventing corrosion and nodular growth.


A cold cured, highly modified chemically resistant, two-pack resin system filled with stabilising enforcement to reduce cold flow characteristics.

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Fluiglide E.

A cold cured 100% solids epoxide, specially modified to give a low roughness amplitude with poor wet-out properties.

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Long-Term Corrosion Protection.

Our Corrocoat products offer long-term corrosion protection for infrastructure exposed to abrasive, corrosive, and harsh environments.

Quality assurance certificate.

All our products are applied within stringent standards, and everything we coat with our Corrocoat product range is returned with a quality assurance certificate.