Corrocoat: our core range of corrosion protection coatings.

Corrocoat is a high-performance polymeric product recommended for critical service applications and areas exposed to corrosive environments. It offers long-term prevention of biofouling, resistance to cathodic disbonding, crack bridging, high conductivity, and chemicals. It is also ideal for areas where high concentrations of sulphuric acid may be present.

Corrocoat Armagel.

Armagel is our abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide.

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Corrocoat Biofoul.

Biofoul is a three-pack, cold-cured polyester containing metallic (inorganic) copper flakes.

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Corrocoat Corrothane XT.

Corrothane XT has a three-pack cold cured vinyl ester- urethane polymer alloy with glassflake.

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Other Corrocoat Products Include:

Corrocoat Corrofill E.

A general-purpose two or three pack epoxy filler, grout and repair compound.

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Corrocoat Corrofill VE.

A two-pack, vinyl ester filler and grouting material containing abrasion-resistant fillers.

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Corrocoat Corrofill.

A two-pack organic peroxide catalysed bis phenol ‘A’ polyester filler or grout.

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Corrocoat Di-Shield.

A polyester co-polymer mixed with glassflake and other fillers to give good dielectric properties.

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Corrocoat Corrothane XT Veilcoat.

A three-pack cold cured vinyl ester/urethane IPN(Interpenetrating Polymer Network).  Used as a topcoat for Corrothane XT products in aggressive service environments which may affect glass or where a smooth surface veil is required.

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Corrocoat EA.

A viscous, solvent-free, high build, two pack epoxy coating with excellent erosion resistance, toughness and outstanding anti-corrosive properties.

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Corrocoat EB.

A solvent-free, two pack epoxy coating with excellent erosion resistance, toughness and outstanding anti-corrosive properties.

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Corrocoat EC.

A solvent-free, two pack epoxy coating for use with E series materials as a veil coat or on its own for cavitation resistance.

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Corrocoat Epoxy Laminating Resin.

A low viscosity two-pack epoxy resin for use with reinforcing materials for laminating and construction.

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Corrocoat Fibrecoat.

A glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester glass-flake lining. This product is a high performance vinylester lining containing both glassfibre and glassflake.

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Corrocoat Flarestack Nanopaint.

A single pack, aluminium flake-filled silicon coating for high temperature substrates in non-immersed service.

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Corrocoat Flexires.

A highly flexible two-pack polyester glassflake resin with good elongation.

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Corrocoat Floor Screed.

A two-pack high viscosity, pre-accelerated, unsaturated ester flooring resin, used in conjunction with the specified aggregate.

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Corrocoat Graphite S.

An electrically conductive two pack cold cured acrylated ester system loaded with flaked graphite.

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Corrocoat Renderpol.

A two-pack cold cured polyester screed, filler and repair compound.

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Corrocoat SEL.

Corrocoat SEL provides durable protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and aquatic immersion environments and many solvent and chemical immersed environments.

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Corrocoat Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete.

A low shrink, vinyl ester polymer concrete, supplied as 3 components for mixing on site.

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Corrocoat Zip E.

Zip E is an epoxy glass flake product that was developed as a cost-effective single coat application to protect surfaces in harsh environments.

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Long-Term corrosion protection.

Our Corrocoat products offer long-term corrosion protection for infrastructure exposed to abrasive, corrosive, and harsh environments.

Quality assurance certificate.

All our products are applied within stringent standards, and everything we coat with our Corrocoat product range is returned with a quality assurance certificate.