Specific areas of expertise

Corrocoat has a focused area of expertise and an enviable set of core competencies.

These include: corrosion, mechanical and chemical engineering. The manufacture of heavy duty composite coatings. Selection, application and testing of these coatings.

Over the years this focus has resulted in the production of high performance, anti-corrosion industrial coating systems for plant and equipment.

Tanks & Vessels

Many of Corrocoat’s materials can be sprayed and are commonly used for high performance tank linings. The application is undertaken by our expert in-house technicians.

Corrocoat’s high performance materials have a proven track record in protecting large process vessels, pressure vessels, transport containers, road tankers, above and below ground storage tanks.

Our skilled, on site application teams are fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure even the largest projects are completed on time, on budget and to specification.


Our engineering expertise has enabled the development of high quality pipe blasting and pipe coating equipment. Corrocoat linings have often been used to provide long term protection for pipelines thus preventing the need for expensive metallurgical solutions.

We have a range of application techniques to suit any project including pipe spinning, spraying, hand application and flooding. We specialize in both internal linings and external coatings. Our new Heatblocka coating offers personnel protection, energy conservation and corrosion protection.

Pumps & Impellers

Corrocoat is specified by a number of leading pump manufacturers to ensure extended pump and impeller life. A final coat of Corrocoat’s Fluigluide system will significantly reduce running costs and increase flow.

We can undertake repairs and rebuilds on pumps that would often be considered redundant. This work can be performed at a fraction of the pump replacement cost and often results in savings of up to 60% of a new pump.


We regularly coat new and existing valves to improve their life expectancy or to repair severely corroded components. Valves refurbished by Corrocoat achieve excellent cost benefits by eliminating the need for modifications to pipe work layouts. This results in a quick turn around and is significantly cheaper than replacing the valve.

Heat Exchangers

Corrocoat specialises in corrosion protection of heat exchangers. Applying our glass flake coating system to new metallic surfaces offers a substantial increase in heat exchanger life expectancy.

We can carry out repairs to components damaged by corrosion either on site or in our workshop. Our advanced anti-corrosion coatings are used extensively on water boxes, tube sheets and end covers.

Structural Steel

Corrocoat coatings are also used to provide long term protection for structural steel. Corrocoat’s glass flake coatings have been used to protect pilings, oil rigs, jettys, bridges and many other structures.

The improvements in glass flake quality, pioneered by Corrocoat, have allowed for the production of single coat systems. One layer of Zipcoat on structural steel can replace the need for multi coat products which is often the time restricting factor during the fabrication process. Cost and time benefits, when using our single coat systems, can be huge.

Repairs & Rebuilds

Corrocoat has comprehensive engineering and application facilities allowing severely damaged components to be refurbished. This work can often be achieved without the need for renewing parts and can be carried out at a fraction of the replacement cost. Corrocoat materials are extremely stable and can be machined to bring the component tolerances back to specification.

Existing Corrocoat linings can be patched and repaired easily on site. This allows the plant to be brought back on line quickly reducing the losses associated with down time.


We are so confident our coatings will perform in the most arduous conditions we will provide a materials and labour warranty on any coating that is applied by Corrocoat’s specialist applicators.

Warranty terms and conditions are provided on a job by job basis, dependent on; the application, substrate, environment, temperatures and processes. Please consult a Corrocoat Applications Engineer for Warranty terms and conditions on your project.