Corrosion within the Marine Industry

A large blue pipe that has just been treated by Corrocaot products and is ready fir use

Corrosion is an important consideration for those working within the marine industry. What is Corrosion? Corrosion is the process of a refined metal being naturally converted to a more stable form such as its oxide, hydroxide or sulphide state – leading to the deterioration of the material. Why is Corrosion Protection Important in the Marine […]

Coating Application Techniques

An employee prepares a metal part for painting

Applying coating correctly Successful application of protective coatings is pivotal to ensuring infrastructures receiving coatings withstand potential corrosion. There are several detrimental factors to consider if the coating is applied incorrectly and corrosion does occur. Some factors may include: Bodily harm including irritation and respiratory damage Loss of production with machinery being inoperable Financial strain […]

A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Anti-corrosion Technology

close up photography of grey engine part

The Importance of Corrosion Protection Corrosion affects everybody in one way or another. Monuments, structures, and products are a small percentage of infrastructure affected by the damage of corrosion. If corroded objects are left untreated, noticeable effects can start being present within the human body including: Harm to the digestive tract Skin and eye irritation […]