Founded in 1975, Corrocoat is a corrosion engineering company and a world leader in the production and application of high performance anti corrosion industrial coatings.

Industries we service

Corrocoat has successfully achieved corrosion preventative solutions in a wide range of industries and environments.

Oil & Gas

Corrocoat has experience both on and offshore. Our track record goes back 30 years, to the North Sea and Middle East oil and gas industries


Aggressive chemical environments found in mine processing is one area our cutting edge coatings truly come into their own.

Petro Chemical

Petro Chemical process plants are unique. They require customized solutions to corrosion and chemical attack.

Structural Steel

Corrocoat coatings are also used to provide long term protection for structural steel. Corrocoat’s glass flake coatings have been used to protect pilings, oil rigs, jettys, bridges and many other structures.


Corrocoat has extensive experience in corrosion protection of equipment and pipe work in hydro electric, thermal, nuclear, wind and wave power generation plants


Through extensive frontline research, we have developed Corrocoat products with proven corrosion protection which lasts in excess of 25 years, providing the optimum protection of Defence assets.

Why Corrocoat

Corrocoat's expertise in glass flake manufacture has resulted in the company becoming the largest and highest quality glass flake producer in the world.

This development was pioneered entirely by Corrocoat UK’s own Research and Development team. Corrocoat coatings use glass flake fillers, which are impermeable and significantly increase the diffusion path through the coating.

The flakes of glass orientate themselves within the coating film to reduce the passage of moisture vapour. This effect is known as the tortuous path. Corrocoat’s sister company produces the unique, uniform, and high aspect ratio glass flakes.