High-Performance anti-corrosion coating for industrial systems

High-Performance anti-corrosion coating for industrial systems

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About Corrocoat.

At Corrocoat we have established ourselves within the anti-corrosion coating industry as a company with a unique combination of mechanical and chemical engineering expertise.

Our extensive knowledge and experience give us a distinctive edge in the formulation and application of our range of anti-corrosion coating materials.

Corrosion Protection Services.

Although our range of Corrocoat products is extensive, we go further than just offering a product solution. We also offer inspections, cleaning, repair, refurbishment, and support, to help find the answer to your resurfacing problems.

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Our onsite and offsite blasting surface preparation services mean we can clean and recoat your infrastructure quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing downtime.

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Coating application

We offer a range of corrosion protection coatings to safeguard infrastructure surfaces from a multitude of factors, including chemicals and abrasion.

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Pump repair

If your pump requires repair, refurbishment, recoating, or improved efficiency, Corrocoat offers a premium pump repair service.

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Coating inspections

Corrocoat offers coating inspection services in-line with our rigorous procedures. All our inspectors follow a thorough quality assurance checklist. This ensures our quality protective coating products have been applied to guarantee long-term protection.

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Corrosion Engineering

Corrocoat’s engineering service provides comprehensive repair and reconditioning of pumps, valves, and ancillary components to improve the function and protection of your infrastructure.

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Composite Structural Rehabilitation System (CSR System)

Our CSR System is used extensively across many industries to refurbish and strengthen structural steel rather than replacing it.

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We have the unique ability to refurbish valves to your requirements. This includes both the specifications of the valve and the flange.

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Heating exchangers

Corrocoat recommends the application of a glass flake based anti-corrosion protective coatings to increase the longevity and efficiency of heat exchangers.

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Our fully portable equipment allows us to provide the same service we do in our premises with the flexibility of operating onsite.

Our Products.

Our products have been developed to provide a wide range of benefits. From protection against corrosive agents, abrasion, and erosion, to more general-purpose functions, such as weather protection and prolonging the life of infrastructure.

Our product lines serve specialised functions depending on your industry and the environment in which your business operates.

Marine Equipment
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This high-performance polymeric product offers long-term prevention of biofouling, crack bridging, and high conductivity. It is also resistant to cathodic disbanding.

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Our range of Corroglass resins are able to protect, repair, and refurbish machinery and parts that undertake heavy-duty processing work. 

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Fluiglide is a specialised range of Corrocoat products that offer friction reducing properties. They are typically applied to underwater areas.

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HeatBlocka works similarly to traditional fibreglass thermal coating, however, it has the added benefit of protecting surfaces from corrosion.

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This product is perfect for environments exposed to high levels of abrasion and are available in various grades for extensive protection.

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Polyglass is highly effective in extremely corrosive environments and can be used on a wide variety of materials, including concrete and steel surfaces.

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Sectors We Service.

Since 1975 Corrocoat has played an integral part in helping to protect the infrastructure of an extensive variety of industries across the globe.

Defence - Marine

Corrocoat has developed its products to ensure they offer superior corrosion prevention for infrastructure exposed to the harsh marine environment. Our anti-corrosion coatings can withstand long term exposure to high levels of salt.


Mining sites are often highly susceptible to corrosion problems. The equipment at these sites are required to operate at high-performance levels in harsh environments. This makes Corrocoat’s products popular in the mining industry.

Don’t see your industry?
We can tailor our service to your specific needs.

Oil & gas

Oil and gas rigs typically run 24/7 in strenuous work environments. The infrastructure is greatly influenced by exposure to abrasive and corrosive conditions. This is why our products are a choice among many oil and gas companies to mitigate corrosion rates.

Water & waste

The water and waste industry has specific needs when it comes to infrastructure protection. This is why we developed our potable water certified Fluiglide protective system. It increases the efficiency of pumps, which leads to reduced energy costs.


The petrochemical industry requires specialised coatings that are corrosion inhibitors, chemical resistant, and can withstand high temperatures. Our specialised products offer durable solutions for the petrochemical industry.

Power generation

Power stations need to run constantly. This means their infrastructure needs to be in optimum condition. Corrocoat provides premium corrosion protection coating solutions that safeguard infrastructure and equipment from general corrosion for years to come.


Supporting renewable energy production is crucial in helping to minimise the use of finite resources. Corrocoat works with the industry to supply long-term solutions to protect renewable energy plants.

Structural steel

Exclusively developed by Corrocoat, Zipcoat is the go-to anti-corrosion coating system to protect structural steelwork. The product offers exceptional durability and cost-effective benefits, all within a single one-coat polyester system.


Due to the paper industry’s production processes, it is susceptible to the effects of corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. Corrocoat’s products work to protect the surface areas exposed to these potentially hazardous conditions.

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We can tailor our service to your specific needs.

Why Corrocoat?

At Corrocoat we have established ourselves within the polymer and anti-corrosion coating industries as a company with a unique combination of mechanical and chemical engineering expertise. The benefit of working alongside Corrocoat is that we can provide you with an end-to-end solution from product specification to supply, apply, project execution, and project management.

Our ability to provide comprehensive service allows us to offer prompt results and deliver a solution to your business. Minimising the downtime of crucial infrastructure. Our continually developing products lead the field in surface protection and corrosion control.

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Contact Corrocoat.

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Head Office

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Postal: PO Box 1423, Canning Vale WA 6970