Not all glass flakes are created equally

Corrocoat’s expertise in glass flake manufacture has resulted in the company becoming the largest and highest quality glass flake producer in the world.

This development was pioneered entirely by Corrocoat UK’s own Research and Development team. Corrocoat coatings use glass flake fillers, which are impermeable and significantly increase the diffusion path through the coating. This produces a barrier layer, slowing moisture diffusion and the corrosion potential to an almost non existent level.

The flakes of glass orientate themselves within the coating film to reduce the passage of moisture vapour. This effect is known as the tortuous path. Corrocoat’s sister company produces the unique, uniform, and high aspect ratio glass flakes.

Substantial coating improvements are achieved by using these flakes rather than the variable and much thicker flakes or beads available in other coatings. The end result is Corrocoat materials achieve better corrosion protection.

Glass Flakes made by Corrocoat

3.0 Micron Thick

Glass Flakes by others

3.0 to 20.0 Micron Thick

Features and benefits


Our extensive range of advanced coatings is used for both the repair of existing equipment and protection of new plant and equipment. In many cases we are able to use basic carbon steel and advanced coatings as an alternative to expensive metallurgical solutions.


Corrocoat’s team of trained application engineers combine chemical and mechanical engineering expertise to assist in obtaining the most cost effective and reliable protection available.


The Research and Development division, located in the UK, is constantly assessing new ways to combat corrosion. The division is equipped with the latest advanced testing and analytical equipment, and is staffed by qualified chemists and engineers. The R&D staff are committed to maintaining and improving standards


The improvements in glass flake quality, pioneered by Corrocoat, have allowed for the production of superior grades of industrial coatings. These have been formulated to offer not only high performance, but also excellent application properties. The range of coatings extend from some available for high temperature chemicals to single coat structural steel protection.


The coating application is often the time restricting factor during the fabrication process. Due to the rapid cure of most of our products, the cost and time benefits when using Corrocoat materials can be hugely advantageous.


Corrocoat’s highly skilled work force is available to carry out coating work at our Canning Vale facilities or by our site application team. Many customers find our unique fly in fly out work force more cost effective and efficient than full time, onsite workers.


Backed by NACE inspectors our team will ensure that the highest possible quality standards are maintained in strict accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


We are so confident our coatings will perform in the most arduous conditions we will provide a material and labour warranty on any coating that is applied by Corrocoat’s specialist applicators.