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High performance anti-corrosion industrial coating systems:

Corrocoat’s products are designed primarily for corrosion protection and the range extends from general purpose applications through to very aggressive and abrasive environments. The guide below provides an approximate Corrocoat system selection, however, it is important that you contact Corrocoat and confirm your selection with one of our applications engineers.

General Purpose Applications


  • Hand & spray applications
  • 50°C immersed
    90°C non-immersed
  • Single coat gloss finish
    Good edge cover
  • Steel and concrete coating
  • Two pack epoxy with glass flake


  • Hand & spray applications
  • Surface tolerant self priming & rust inhibitors
  • Steel coating
  • Two pack epoxy with rust inhibitor & passivator with micaleous iron oxide & glass flake


  • Hand & spray applications
  • Surface tolerant
  • Excellent for coating galvanized steel substrates
  • Synthetic polymer

Enviromental Applications


  • Hand Application
  • 90°C immersed (DEPENDENT on environment)
  • Surface friction reduction
  • Energy reduction
    Capacity increase
    Potable water certified
    Use as a veil coat over polyglass
  • Modified unsaturated ester resin


  • Hand & spray applications
  • Long life, non toxic, marine anti foul
  • Use as a veil coat over polyglass
  • Unsaturated ester hydrolysable resin containing metallic copper particles & pigments


  • Hand & spray applications
  • Insulating coating
    Personal protection
    Energy reduction
    Corrosion protection
  • Single coat 3mm thick will reduce surface temps from 90°C to 67°C
  • Bisphenol Polyester Resin with Glass Flake

Aggressive Applications


  • Hand application to equipment and pipes
  • Medium Temperature
    pH 0-14*
    Demineralised water
    100°C immersed
    140°C non-immersed
    Resists most solvents
  • Glass flake Polyester Acrylic


  • Spray application
  • Medium Temperature
    pH 0-14*
    Demineralised water
    110°C immersed
    165°C gaseous
    Resists most solvents
  • Glass Flake Vinyl Ester Acrylic


  • Spray & hand application
  • High Temperature
    pH 0-14*
  • 150°C immersed
    260°C non-immersed
  • Glass Flake Vinyl Ester Urethane


  • Spray & hand application
  • Concentrated Base Environments
    Sodium Hydroxide
    Sodium Hypochlorite
  • pH 0-14*
    82°C immersed
  • Glass Flake Brominated
    Interpenetrating network

SpecialPurpose Applications


  • Hand & spray applications
  • Medium Temperature
    Abrasion resistant
  • pH 0-14*
    100°C immersed
    160°C non immersed
    Resists most solvents
  • Vinyl ester co polymer containing glass flake & Silicon Carbide


  • Hand application
  • High temperature abrasion and impact resistant
  • pH 0-14*
    135°C immersed
    170°C non immersed
    (Dependent on environment)
  • Modified amine epoxy compound with stainless steel, glass flakes & Silicon Carbide


  • Spray & hand application
  • Used for hydrofluoric acid & environments aggressive to glass
  • pH 0-14
    110°C immersed
    175°C non-immersed
  • Suitable for electro static bonding
  • Acrylated ester system loaded with graphite flakes